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roysumit asks Hello Sneha !!
Sneha says hi there!

Rajesh Sharma asks With whom you would like to prefer playing a lead role, Kamal hasan or Amitabh Bachhan
Sneha says tough question! i like both of them!!

Rajesh Sharma asks Whether your any Hindi film is in offing or not?
Sneha says i dont wanna do hindi movies...i m happy doing tamil films

saveekar asks what are ur latest signup
Sneha says sarathi ...i m already working on pammal k sambandam ...and one more project with ajit

christophil asks what is your reason to do acting in films?
Sneha says a hobby!

pawan asks Hi...!!!
Sneha says hi pawan!

christophil asks hello
Sneha says hi there!

christophil asks sneha why arent you answering
Sneha says i just did!!!

rekhs asks hi
Sneha says hi there rekhs!

VIJU asks HI sneha. how r u and have u started the shooting of balachander sir s film?
Sneha says yup! just one more song to finish!

sure33 asks Hey Sneha.I am Suresh from Coimbatore.You look very beautiful.My question is What is the secret of ur beauty?
Sneha says i guess i was born with it...its God s gift to me!

bluesky asks are u tamilian
Sneha says yes & no ;-)

kumar21m asks hai sneha well why dont u try ur career at bollywood u can just end up in a good result?
Sneha says thanks...i ll think about it

bluesky asks did u ever before act in any other language
Sneha says yup...malayalam & telugu...

paradise asks Hi! Great to chat with u! Do you surf the net often?
Sneha says nope i dont!

Srikanth asks Hai How r u??
Sneha says i m are you?

rekhs asks no more mallu movies?
Sneha says nope

Srikanth asks Hello sneha??
Sneha says hi there

sindhu asks what is your next movie
Sneha says Virumbugiren ...

sindhu asks what is next movie
Sneha says Virumbugiren

kingslein asks when are you going to marry
Sneha says hey, i m already married! (to my career...hahahah ;))

Sneha says good!

gopi asks hi,sneha.i am gopi from coimbatore.i am a fan of yours. can i get your photographs
Sneha says yeah sure...!

siva asks do you love anybody?
Sneha says no way! i m way too much in love with my career right now!!

vishu86 asks hi.. what is ur favour actor???
Sneha says hmmm...almost all of them who ve acted well

paradise asks How was it working in Anandham with such top actors and actresses
Sneha says i was a bit nervous to begin with...but then things were ok

siva asks how about your parents?
Sneha says theyre fine

Srikanth asks seems u acting in telugu movies as well??
Sneha says not right now

siva asks how do you feel acting young star madhavan?
Sneha says i felt good!

sk asks Sneha, can I view your photograph in any web site
Sneha says right here...on!!

seelan asks waht s ur educational background
Sneha says i ve studied till the 12th std...soon after that i got into films

rahul asks i ve just passed my 12th can you get me an eng. seat in anna univ?
Sneha says when i become the next CM, i will!

paradise asks I m sure you will be able to become the top in the tamil movie industry! What do u think?
Sneha says yup...i will! i dont have to think about that!

siva asks how about your friends?
Sneha says i dont have too many friends

christophil asks sneha in which languages do you like to act?
Sneha says tmail...tamil....and, oh yes, tamil

parthi asks Your birthday?
Sneha says 12th October

akbagmar asks hi....... Sneha
Sneha says hi there

ambirk asks hi sneha behind cinema do you have other ideas?
Sneha says what kind of ideas would you want me to have? i have several!

christophil asks is this statement correct that you and amithabachan are in a state of romance
Sneha says yup...he romances jaya and i romance my, you see, we both are in a state of romance

akbagmar asks hi....... Sneha. How r u?
Sneha says hi!!!!!!!!

paradise asks Sneha, do you have any e-mail address I can contact u in? Every one in my family thinks that u are simply gorgeous!
Sneha says thanx! my mail id is

siva asks hi .
Sneha says hi

sobha asks How do you rate your chances further in this filim industry
Sneha says blidfolded & still No.1!!

Deepak asks How come you are a fazil discovery, withour acting in his films?
Sneha says his project got, i had to do his freind s film

avpathymca asks how r u?
Sneha says i m are you??

Deepak asks whom r u more comfortable - maddy or abbas?
Sneha says both are great people

Sneha says i have 2 older brothers & an older sister...thats it!

parthi asks Who is your best friend
Sneha says Asma Begum...she is in Hyderabad...we re out of touch now, unfortunately :-(

Sneha says both languages are fave film is kadhalukku mariyadhai

ajith asks hai 1 rupee coin how r u??
Sneha says hey, i m ok

Vishnu asks how is Tarun your hero of Priyamania Neeku ?
Sneha says he s fine

Vishnu asks r u doing any more telugu films?
Sneha says yup i am

karuna asks Dear Sneha, As your screen name what is your opinion regarding friendship?
Sneha says there should be a lot of trust, love and unconditional affection in friendship

abhijeetshesh asks HI SNEHA
Sneha says hi

ashyiyer asks hi, sneha what are your hobbies other than films
Sneha says watching TV, books, Chess, spend time with family, and SLEEPING!!

Vishnu asks what is your role in k.balachandar s Parthala Paravasam ?
Sneha says its a secret ;-)

Vishnu asks will u get a national award for Virumbigren ?
Sneha says i certainly hope so!!

Karthik asks Hi Sneha ! Of all the films which one u expect the most ?
Sneha says all the movies...ive done my best in all of them

karuna asks Hey Sneha, I am Karuna From visakhapatnam, you looked good in priyamaina neeku, tell me in real life will you declare your love?
Sneha says silently...through my eyes! ;-)

Karthik asks Who is your Fav. Actor/Actress and your Dream Date ?
Sneha says actor: none, really; actress: again, none in particular; dream date: none!

saraswathi asks Sneha i am from bangalore i would like to know wher are you from and what is your mother tongue
Sneha says i am from bombay, and my mother tongue is telugu

sindhu asks when is ur marriage?
Sneha says not now anyways!

sindhu asks how do u find chatting in sify?
Sneha says exciting!!!!

ajith asks u r age sneha, ha ha ha?
Sneha says first, your age, hahahaha!

rajadi asks sneha u r so smart, and i like smile very much
Sneha says thanks for the compiment!

ramya asks hi! sneha how r u? what do you think about our thalaivar vijay?
Sneha says he s a great person...he s good-looking...and very talented

saraswathi asks sneha i saw ur Anandam and i have seen u in one telugu film also. you look good at the same time you act well also
Sneha says thanks a lot!

sasimoorthy asks Hi, what s ur real NAME?
Sneha says suhasini!

Sneha says thanks a ton

sure33 asks u have got a beautiful u apply shampoo frequently
Sneha says sorry, thats the only thing i dont use!!

rajadi asks u LIKE KAMAL OR RAJINI
Sneha says oh god! i like them both!

srs asks helo sneha..
Sneha says hi there

srs asks is still cahg going on?
Sneha says yes it is!

rekhs asks do u prefer sari or jeans?
Sneha says sari...any day!

srs asks is it possible for u to come up in tamil movies
Sneha says i am already in it!

ajith asks how was the feelings to act in balachander movie?
Sneha says great!

rjbala asks Hi Sneha,I am a software engineer from u.s. will u act in hollywood films!!
Sneha says no no no

Sneha says yeah sure...if its an interesting one! ;-)

ajith asks u r native place???
Sneha says bombay

snegaaa asks i like ur smile
Sneha says i like yours too!

deshmukh66 asks do you like aamchi mumbai?
Sneha says yup i love it!

Sneha says

mala asks which is the actor you would like to work from telugu industry
Sneha says i go by the script , not by the actor

weedrocker asks What do you think of this surge of models getting into movies? Have you ever seen a model who can act?
Sneha says yup...aishwarya rai i guess!

ajith asks do u wear glasses always
Sneha says no

mala asks where do you spend your holidays
Sneha says home!

joker asks are you really online or is it somebody in sify chatting instead of you like dubbing in cinema?
Sneha says hahahahaha...its ME!!!!!

snegaaa asks ssssssssssssssnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Sneha says i hear you!

saraswathi asks Thanx for ur reply sneha I feel proud to be a telugite myself
Sneha says hey, keep the faith!

mr_khader asks Though I havent seen any of your movies and I dont know much of you, I logged in coz somebody said u have sharp features and so u look good, how does it feel to be complimented always..does it sucks when it overshoots or u feel it normal
Sneha says i feel normal (rather short answer for a LOOOOONG question!)

prem asks you are very homely
Sneha says thanks!

bitterchocolate asks hi senha... you are pretty to look at..
Sneha says thanks!!

prem asks your dream man
Sneha says no time to dream!

prem asks i was very much eager to see you pair with my evergreen hero kamal.can you fulfill this?
Sneha says ok, i shall...just for you, i ll act with him in Pammal K Sambandam!

bitterchocolate asks senha remember me..we met during the shooting of anandham... you shot at my house..
Sneha says of course i do!

bitterchocolate asks well senha we heard that the director of Virumbigren and yourself are havinf an it true?
Sneha says ayyayo!!!! he s like a brother to me!

herohiralal asks i am currently unemployed and feel very miseravble iam an mba but still employmenrt market is so bad what do u feel is thefuture for people like us
Sneha says Join films!!

loveshare asks sneha ur real name is gouthami??!!
Sneha says of course not!! its suhasini

rekhs asks don t u think that mallu movies are better than tamil?
Sneha says both have thier own merits

bitterchocolate asks so when did you guys tie a rakhi...sorry being rude but there is no smoke without fire..Right?
Sneha says sometimes there is!

Karthik asks Hey heard that u r behind maddy . is that so ?
Sneha says no way! he s married!!

rekhs asks it ll be good to see all MBA s acting in movies right sneha?
Sneha says RIGHT!

seelan asks whom u want to follow or thinking guru?
Sneha says the masters of the craft

heyhey asks hey sneha! how r u?
Sneha says hey heyhey...i m fine

heyhey asks how s the chat going on sneha? u used to online chats?
Sneha says cool! no...this is my first official chat

kumarann asks hey respond to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Sneha says hi!!!!!!!!!!!!

heyhey asks it s raining outside u like rains?
Sneha says i LOVE the rain!

heyhey asks and where r u sitting now sneha?
Sneha says tidel the sify office

bitterchocolate asks hey have another one for you...heard that you had something to do with prasanna..remember him.. or is he also like a brother to you...are you going to deny this too...
Sneha says how would you treat good friends of yours? thats the same way i treat mine1

punter asks why do actresses lose market after marriage
Sneha says why dont you ask an actress who is married?

sivasubramanian asks hai Snegaa!
Sneha says hi there

Karthik asks Who is your Dream Date ? will it be a) BIG B b) Hrithik roshan c) Sachin All married guys only so u can t escape :)
Sneha says all of them!!!

honeyl asks Which kind of dress u like to wear ?? SI r western !!!
Sneha says saree!

sivasubramanian asks i am siva from tuticorin, hows ur life
Sneha says just as good as it can get!

Karthik asks What r your hobbies apart from movies ? Any big dreams like an OSCAR ?
Sneha says hmmmmmmmmmmm..nnnnnno!

kumarann asks hey dont lie sheha i am tidel second floor only where r u????
Sneha says i m in the second floor too!!!!

punter asks is there any relationship between u and tv actreses jeeva
Sneha says who s that????

sivasubramanian asks what s all ur hobbies?
Sneha says watching tv, reading books, spending time with my family and ...SLEEPING!!!!!!!

honeyl asks U looks good in Saree !!!
Sneha says hey thanks!

Karthik asks Your Favourite Hollywood star ?
Sneha says Russel Crowe & Nicolas Cage

prasad asks What is your full name
Sneha says Suhasini Rajaram Naidu

prjgopee asks I am gopi from chennai. How are u and ur field?
Sneha says both me & my field are fine!

prjgopee asks why you came to this field?
Sneha says my luck & fate got me here...ok guys, thanks a lot for chatting with me...good luck to all of you...please mail me at
do watch my films...BYE!

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